CLL Information Group (CIG)

The mission of the CLL Information Group (CIG) is to provide disease-specific information to patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL/SLL) and their caregivers and, to increase patient and physician awareness about the disease. Through these educational efforts, our ultimate goal is to improve the care for all patients with CLL/SLL.

Thus, CIG's priorities are threefold:

  • To serve as a pathway to inform members of events and discoveries of importance
  • To host seminars, discussions, and forums dealing specifically with CLL/SLL
  • To develop interactive relationships with doctors and experts in the field, so that people with CLL can benefit from their knowledge and experience with the disease and bridge the gap between the medical community and patients

CIG was founded by CLL patient advocate, John Balan, in 2004 at the encouragement of several patients and physicians, who felt that CLLers could benefit from a more unified community to improve communication, patient support and advocacy. Since that time CIG held undertaken several strategies to achieve its goals including teleconferences with top CLL practitioners, CLL-specific sessions at seminars and workshops, enhancing communication among CLL patients, and an on-line talklist, which has enabled its 1500 members the ability to communicate, ask questions and exchange ideas with each other and the groups physician advisor, Richard Furman, MD (Weill Cornell Medical College/New York Presbyterian Hospital).

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